Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Zulfiqar Gardezi vows to promote Denmark investment in Pakistan

Zulfiqar Gardezi vows to promote Denmark investment in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Syed Zulfiqar Gardezi, Ambassador-designate of Pakistan to Denmark visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and shared his priorities with the local business community for promoting Pakistan’s economic interests with Denmark. He said that his key priority would be to promote Pakistan’s exports with Denmark and Denmark’s investment in Pakistan. He said bilateral trade between Pakistan and Denmark was over US$ 200 million with trade balance in favor of Pakistan which was encouraging. However, he said Pakistan has good potential to further enhance its exports to Denmark. He said he would work hard to identify new areas of mutual cooperation to further improve bilateral trade between the two countries.

He said input of business community was important to explore new areas of trade promotion with foreign countries. He identified renewable energy, dairy and cattle sectors as potential areas of cooperation between Pakistan and Denmark. He said that Pakistan was facing non-economic factors including visa facilitation problems and travel advisories of foreign countries in improving exports and attracting foreign investment. He vowed that he would pay more attention to these areas for promoting soft image of Pakistan in Denmark. He said that ICCI should form a delegation for Denmark and assured his full cooperation to make its visit successful.

Speaking at the occasion, Khalid Iqbal Malik, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Pakistan Embassy in Denmark should step up efforts to identify new avenues of promoting Pakistan’s exports to Danish market. He said the Embassy should conduct market study reports and tell us which products of Pakistan have good potential in Danish market so that the private sector could take advantage of prospective business opportunities. He said Denmark has advanced capability in wind energy and it could help Pakistan in overcoming its energy problems by transferring wind power technology and sharing expertise.

Khalid Malik, Senior Vice President ICCI stressed that Pakistani Missions should play more effective role in identifying opportunities for Pakistani products in foreign countries. He said our Commercial Counselors should be given annual exports targets and their performance should be evaluated on the basis of achievements of such targets. He assured that ICCI would look into the possibility of taking a delegation to Denmark.

Zafar Bakhtawari, M. Ejaz Abbasi, Dr. Noshaba Manan, Ms. Nasira Ali, Naeem Siddiqui, Raja Abdul Majeed and others also spoke at the occasion.