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WhatsApp offers Free Download facility to Samsung Mobile and PC for one year

WhatsApp offers Free Download facility to Samsung Mobile and PC for one year

SEOUL: Samsung is one of the most respected and popular mobile manufacturers and its smartphones are selling well all over the world, which means that there are lots of WhatsApp users chatting from a Galaxy S model or there are many who are intending to install this application. The good news is that in the first year, WhatsApp is free of use and after that, you’ll have to pay around 1 dollar to extend its availability.

Downloading WhatsApp for Samsung

Since the application has an official version for Android, you can get the APK file directly from the WhatsApp website. You won’t be charged to download it and the install process is very simple and in a few minutes, you should be able to use the application, after being verified though a code which you’ll receive on your device, via a SMS text.

Installing WhatsApp for PV/laptop

Trying to hold a conversation through a touchscreen can be quite difficult, because the virtual keys are too small and you have to type on the exact key, otherwise you’ll have to delete the wrong letter and type again. That’s why many would prefer to use WhatsApp on a PC or laptop, but there isn’t a Desktop version and the users must install a blue stack for Android such as Blue stacks. So, get it from the internet, then install it and run it. It will take only a few seconds, but it’s worth it. To download WhatsApp, first look for it in the search bar and after clicking install, at the end, when opening it, you’ll do the same as when installing it on a smartphone. All you need to do is enter your personal phone number and when you’ll receive the activation code on your smartphone, enter it on your PC.

Another Android emulator is you wave and it works exactly the same as Blue stacks. Other paid Android Emulators are C64.emu (3.99 dollars), Classic Boy (3.99 dollars), Drastic DS Emulator (7.99 dollars), FPse for Android (3.63 dollars) etc.

Remember that WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, but this doesn’t affect you in some way. The good news is that the application is getting more and more popular, as now it has over 700 million users and their number will increase, since WhatsApp added t