Monday , January 21 2019
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Weboc system delays GDs clearance at Lahore Airport

Weboc system delays GDs clearance at Lahore Airport


LAHORE: Allama Iqbal International Airport Weboc system is creating problems for the importers and is inflicting losses to the overall revenue collection as appraisers’ identification is not disclosed for days.

Importers and clearing agents told Customs Today said that the Weboc system was introduced to expedite transactions, however, the importers and clearing agents have been facing issues in getting their GDs cleared as it take more time than that of the One Customs system.

“Despite the fact that I have wasted my one whole day but I could not get my duty free imported item cleared at the Import section of Alama Iqbal International Airport AFU as appraisers name remains an unsolved riddle for me,” an importer said on the condition of anonymity.

“Earlier it was not easy to know the name of appraiser as appraisers were allocated items they were authorized to clear,” he said adding that it has become a routine matter for the importers to get very simple GDs cleared after two to three days.

Another importer said that earlier One Customs System was operational and the importers and clearing agents were able to clear their goods in minutes and hours but these days we are wondering about from one place to another in search of appraisers.

“Importers used to send their details online and in response all details including inspector and concerned appraiser’s name were made available for the importers,” he disclosed. The Weboc systems is said to have been introduced to expedite transaction but it is working conversely. It is upto appraiser at whatever time he calls the importers and agents for their goods clearance.

The importers asked the authorities concerned to take the notice issue which is not only putting the importers in difficult situation but also becoming hurdle in the collection of important revenue for the country.