Wednesday , January 24 2018
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WeBOC session concludes at Wahga border

WeBOC session concludes at Wahga border


LAHORE: The Web-Based One Customs (WeBOC) training session of traders has been completed at Land Freight Unit Wahga border.

The Pakistan Customs held the session as WeBOC is going to replace One Customs.

Sources said the Pakistan Customs has decided to launch WeBOC to expedite work speed at Wahga border. They said the training of the traders and the staff has been completed in this regard. They added that a set up has been completed to convert the official online activities from old software to WeBOC. “However, we were waiting for orders of authorities to activate it,” they said.

Sources said that the customs department has invited all importers and exporters at the border to seek help if they have any confusion regarding WeBOC. They said computers have been installed to educate the traders in this regard. “We have offered them to come to file dummy goods declarations (GDs) under the supervision of experts so that mistakes could be overcome.”

To a question regarding complaints regarding WeBOC at other stations, an official said that a trader lodged a complaint after his failure to file GDs. He said traders should learn it properly and get guidance from the experts.

Customs official said that traders could complete their paper work within 2-3 hours by using the new technology.

On the other hand, a trader said, “We need expeditious work at Wahga border as fresh vegetables and fruits are imported/exported daily.”

He added, “We will appreciate the new software if it reduces the time of clearance of consignments. We have attended training sessions but the time will tell if it is (WeBOC) efficient enough or not.”