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WeBOC air manifest system to be implemented on Jan 6

WeBOC air manifest system to be implemented on Jan 6

KARACHI: The air manifest system under WeBOC is in pilot testing phase and the module will be implemented on January 6, 2015.

Directorate of Reforms and Automation Additional Director Saadia Sheraz briefed Customs Today about one of the most cherished WeBOC modules to bring the clearance of air cargoes. She said that the air manifest would be implemented at all the Air Freight Units of Pakistan Customs at all the airports on the 6th of the next month.

After the implementation, a series of relevant air modules would be launched in phases. These include the cargoes handled by courier companies, air transit, air transshipment consignments and immediate clearance group.

The implementation of air manifestation and the upcoming modules would help immense amount of time and energy for both the customs and the importers because it would help to effortlessly reconcile GDs because till now the Air Manifest was filed manually under One-Custom Clearance System while the GDs are being filed through the WeBOC automated clearance system. Reconciliation of GDs for import/export consignments would no more be a problem, she added.

The air manifest would not only be implemented at the three most busy airports of the country, that is  Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but it would also be implemented at Quetta, Peshawar and Faisalabad airports simultaneously on 6 January.

We want to airlines and the ground handling agencies to get familiarised with the system and have already approached them and presently conducting training sessions. In addition, we have has also provided test service ID to them, she added.