Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Wagha gets WeBOC Land Border Customs Station module

Wagha gets WeBOC Land Border Customs Station module


KARACHI: Implementation and roll-out of WeBOC Land Border Custom Station module has been successfully launched at Wagha Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive, Lahore with effect from December 8.

The launching of the module would help better document the Pakistan’s trade with India and Afghanistan through the three Land Border Stations: with India through Wagha border and with Afghanistan through Peshawar (Torkham) and Quetta (Chaman) borders.

The Directorate General of Reforms and Automation, Pakistan Customs has already been provided the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as well as guidelines to MCC Preventive, Lahore to ensure the smooth roll-out and operations of the WeBOC Border Customs Station Module. The Directorate has already provided on-the-site training to the officers and staff of MCC Preventive Lahore.

The Directorate has also nominated Senior Manager WeBOC Arshad Hussain as focal person to conduct any additional training if required. After the launching of the module in the WeBOC system as per the approved RSD (Requirement Specifications Document) a detailed walk-through of the module as well as its User Acceptance Test (UAT) have also been carried out by the module in-charge Ali Zeb Khan, Deputy Director Directorate R&A and Khuzaim Niazi, Business Analyst of WeBOC.

The MCC Preventive Wagha has been also requested by the Directorate R&A to be vigilant in taking precautionary measures while operating the first WeBOC Land Border module and to ensure avoiding any leakage of revenue.

The draft rules for the modules have also been sent to all the three Land Border Customs Stations; the MCC Preventive Lahore where the module was implemented a week ago as well as MCC Peshawar and MCC Quetta. MCC Lahore, MCC Peshawar and MCC Quetta are also asked to sensitize and review the draft rules and forward it to the Federal Board of Revenue for approval through a notification.

The exactly same module now functional at MCC Preventive Wagha would also be launched at Chaman and Torkham Land Border Customs Stations after confirmation is received from the two collectorates.

Presently, both WeBOC, the automated Customs clearance system as well as its predecessor One Custom are functioning at Wagha but with the filing of Good Declarations (GDs) already started as of the December 8, the complete coverage of cargo imports from India is expected to be brought under WeBOC shortly.