Thursday , February 21 2019
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TUSDEC to support surgical industry in technology up-gradation

TUSDEC to support surgical industry in technology up-gradation

SIALKOT: Alamgir Chaudhry, CEO, Technology Up-gradation & Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) has said that the government has focused on the development and up-gradation of the surgical instruments and cutlery sectors of Sialkot, enabling them to be modernized through advanced technology.

He stated this while addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot exporters held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here today. SCCI President Zahid Latif Malik presided over the meeting.

CEO of TUSDEC added that the TUSDEC has successfully started implementation on a project “Industrial Technology Benchmarking” in order to address the needs of the technology advancement for priority sectors including Surgical & Cutlery in fields of Electromedicals, Dental & Surgical Implants and Mass Scale Production & Continuous Polishing of Tableware for Cutlery Sector.

He also gave a detailed briefing to the Sialkot exporters  about the initiative of “Technology Benchmarking” in the highly value added sectors of Surgical Instruments and Cutlery Sectors of Sialkot.

During the meeting, Alamgir Chaudhry, CEO TUSDEC, shared with the Manufacturers of Surgical Insturments and Cutlery Sector that Rs36 million were allocated for study of gaps in the above mentioned sectors for which 3 International Consultants would be hired for each subsector including Electro Medical Instruments, Surgical Implants and Cutlery & Tableware.

The study would identify the precise need for technology and the possible way forward in the adoption of the best high tech practices through establishment of common facility centers, joint ventures and skill upgradation, he added.

CEO said that the practice would not only allow the exporters of Surgical Instruments and Cutlery Sector to exploit the potential that lied in the high tech products markets but would also serve to enhance the production processes of existing products.

While addressing the meeting, the President SCCI Zahid Latif Malik  said “I believe that this is a right step taken by the Government of Pakistan to enhance the two most value added sectors of Pakistan. The project would not only benefit the existing manufacturing setups in the two priority sectors but would also serve to achieve the long desired goal of export diversification and entering high value markets through technology benchmarking”.

SCCI President assured full support to TUSDEC in execution of this project, saying it was high time for the Sialkot’s surgical Industry to move into high tech products like implants.