Tuesday , October 23 2018
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Turkish Airlines signs deal with Carpet Union

Turkish Airlines signs deal with Carpet Union


KABUL: A Turkish airline has agreed to fly Afghan carpets to 300 destinations at a discounted rate of 50 percent.

The agreement was signed between Carpet Producers Union of Afghanistan and Turkish Airlines in Kabul. Afghan businessmen will be charged $2.5 USD per kilogram to transport their carpets to European countries. The carpets will reach their destinations within three days.

“The goal is to create direct contact between the Afghan businessmen and the company so that their carpets can reach the target market by the given time,” said Jamal Muradian, director for international cargo at Turkish Airlines.

Members of the union said the agreement will provide them the chance to increase their turnover. amran Qasemi, marketing officer at a carpet company in Kabul, said that they have an online software program for their customers where they can place their orders and choose their colors and sizes.

“We are improving. Our customers from around the world are familiar with our products therefore it is crucial for us to use different ways to sell the carpets produced by our company,” Qasemi said. Other members of the union called on government to provide them with further marketing opportunities.

“Now the cost of transferring carpets abroad has sharply decreased. Before the agreement with Turkish Airlines, we were paying $2 for each kilogram of carpet just to Dubai but now we are paying 8 cents,” said Sayed Abbas, a member of the union.

Officials from the Ministry of Commerce has said they continue their efforts to provide better ways for the export of domestic goods, especially carpets.