Monday , June 25 2018
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Trump exposed himself

Trump exposed himself

The recent tumultuous events within and outside the country could leave serious implications on the national economy. The announcement by US President Donald Trump has not only jeopardized the chances of peace in Afghanistan but also in the region. It is always said that little knowledge is dangerous thing and that is what Mr Trump as exposed in himself by announcing a perfunctory statement, accusing Pakistan of harbouring terrorists in its land. The statement shows that Indian lobby is proactive in Afghanistan to use it as a base to launch terrorism and insurgency in Pakistan, and is also injecting money and every other thing in Washington to mislead the US officials on the ground situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mr Trump has miserably failed in his home front within a few months of taking over the office of the US president and now the botched foreign policy has exposed the level of his wisdom and credibility. The diatribe against Pakistan is uncalled for which has lost 70,000 people andincurred $100 billion losses in economic terms in the US war on terror. One cannot expect thanklessness to this extent from the official of a country which is the harbinger of civil liberties, democracy and the world economy.

Against the uncalled for statement, the world capitals, including Beijing, Moscow and Tehran voiced concern over the ignorance of Mr Trump and urged him to admit the sacrifices made by the Pakistan army and the people in the so-called war on terrorism. Mr Trump is now planning to send another 4,000 troops to Afghanistan without giving a timetable for withdrawal. The blistering attack on Pakistan will further send the two countries apart and his claim that US paid Pakistan billions of dollars is nothing more than a bluff. Pakistan is not housing any terrorist and it is not even in our national interest.

Pakistan as a country wants peace and stability and rejects terrorism. All the concentration of the government is on economy though it is not capable of exploiting the potentials of business opportunities which are knocking the door of the country. The main problem is India which wants to cripple Pakistan’s economy and its political stability through its agents in media organizations, lawyers community and political parties. It is time the Indian leadership come out of its paranoid approach, stop hatching conspiracies against Pakistan and accept the country as a reality. Mr Trump should also get some sort of briefing on foreign affairs and accept the role and sacrifices of Pakistan in the war on terror.