Monday , July 16 2018
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Transit fee dispute: Iran seals Turkish trucks at border

Transit fee dispute: Iran seals Turkish trucks at border

TEHRAN: Iran stuck off Turkish trucks on Turkmenistan-Iran border gate due to a dispute over transit fee. Iran hiked  its own rates for Turkey Trucks, Iran’s top envoy to Ankara said in a statement.

Iranian customs for transit of Turkish trucks are vital for Turkey’s exports to Central Asia.

The announcement came after Turkey retaliated with increasing transit fees for Iranian trucks when Iran hiked its own rates for Turkish trucks.

On Nov. 17, Iran’s Ambassador to Turkey Ali Reza Bikdeli said the latest sticking point over truck transit fees was solved after negotiations between the two neighbors. “Certain arrangements should be made within the next 10 days for a new system,” he said.

“We accepted this request due to the insistence of our Turkish friends and their imposition of some taxes.

“The deal is just for Turkish trucks. Other national trucks will pay fuel difference fees at the border and they can buy cheap fuel inside Iran,” Bikdeli said.

The statement from the Iranian Embassy added: “Officials from the transport ministries of Turkey and Iran will come together to discuss the latest arrangements between two countries.”

The fuel prices are much lower in Iran due to state subsidies in the country. In Turkey, a liter of diesel fuel costs $1.76. In Iran, this number stands at $0.09, which gives Iran the fifth cheapest diesel fuel in the world after Venezuela, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Libya, according to

President of Turkey’s International Transporters’ Association, Fatih Sener confirmed Iran’s moves.

“Turkish trucks are still waiting at the Turkmenistan-Iran border because of Iranian actions for Turkish trucks. Iran does not allow Turkish trucks into its borders,” Sener said.