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Toyota Camry Hybrid declared best value car for 2015

Toyota Camry Hybrid declared best value car for 2015

LONDON: According to Consumer Reports Toyota Camry Hybrid gets best value among all automobiles in most recent rankings. The Camry Hybrid has about twice the important of the standard vehicle in America. Before you dismiss the Camry because a 20-nothing automotive reporter in his mom’s basement with a Lamborghini Poster on the wall called it boring, be aware that the Camry has been redesigned. It ranks well among cars of its type in driving pleasure. CR said “We found that the updated Camry Hybrid has a comfortable and mostly quiet ride with improved handling.” The Camry Hybrid replaces last-year’s winner, the Toyota Prius.
Unlike other rankings that look only at 5-year cost of ownership, CR includes that as part of its analysis, but also considers its own actual road testing. Of course, Consumer Reports also includes reliability in its analysis. With regard to the Camry Hybrid, Consumer Reports says it is “stone-cold reliable.” At just $29,000 CR found that the Camry Hybrid XLE also had “comfort and all-around functionality.” Its 38 mpg combined fuel economy makes its energy cost per mile close to that of EVs in some US markets.
CR pointed out that the 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE is not “exciting.” This is not really a surprise since the Camry hybrid is not even Toyota’s most exciting Camry. Frankly, the XLE it is not even the most exciting Camry Hybrid. That would be the Camry Hybrid SE. Toyota also makes a Camry with a 268 horsepower V6, sporty styling and upgraded wheels and suspension for those that want a Camry with a little pizazz. Or if excitement is a top priority, one could opt for one of the many F Sport versions from the Lexus line.