Sunday , January 21 2018
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Three new gigantic cranes added to Dammam Port

Three new gigantic cranes added to Dammam Port

JEDDAH: Three new gigantic cranes are introduced at Dammam port that contain the latest technological system which includes remote control of up to one kilometer and has a total cost of SR90 and will help in developing the port.

“They will help push further our goal to provide operating companies with the highest and best services for their customers,” Director General of King Abdul Aziz Port Naim Al-Naim, told the media.

Over the past five years, the port’s container terminal increased its work volume, reaching 17 million TEUs last month, according to Al-Naim. However, this surge also translated in a bigger effort to keep up increased vessel size, which rose from 5,000 container ships to the current 11,000.

Jay, CEO of the International Ports Services Ltd, KAP containers’ operating company in Dammam, praised the port’s new purchase.

“The new cranes are a great leap to improving KAP’s port services in the Kingdom and to help continue our commitment and ability to provide the fastest possible service to the shipping lines operating in the port of Dammam.”

The new cranes can reach up to 44 meters high and access over 60 meters and can be operated either from a control room at the top of each one, or remotely. It features computer screens in air-conditioned rooms, closer to the central planning department. These gigantic cranes operate in a small number of stations around the world, and are used to handle the largest freight ships at ports.