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Thousands of Customs, IR inspectors seeking DPC meeting for promotion

Thousands of Customs, IR inspectors seeking DPC meeting for promotion

LAHORE: Thousands of Customs and Inland Revenue inspectors are demanding the Federal Board of Revenue to hold Departmental Promotion Committee meeting for promotion of Customs and Inland Revenue inspectors to the next cadre.

The FBR’s notification no. I (I)ERM/2011/65140 dated 09th May, 2011, stated that it was ordered/advised to hold the meeting of DPC twice in a calendar year regarding the promotion of the employee of BS 14 to BS18.

However, these orders have not been implemented in the case of promotion of the inspectors of Customs and Inland Revenue and this important matter of promotion is not being considered by them, the sources said, adding that it is first and foremost duty of high ranked officers to do the needful for the welfare of junior and field officers but the department is not encouraging the inspectors through promotion.

Customs and Inland Revenue inspectors on the condition of anonymity said that to strength the economy of the country and to collect more revenue, the role of the inspectors is very important and significant, they added.

The inspectors are working hard in different fields day and night to perform their duties including participation in anti-smuggling operations, preparation of seizure and contravention reports, examination of imported goods/baggage of passengers, assessment of duty and assessment of slip, profiling of passengers/smugglers, arresting smugglers, drug dealers, rummaging of aircraft/carrier, passenger facilitation, deposition of seized goods in the State Ware House and pursuance of cases in different Courts.  They said that inspectors are being deprived of timely promotion to next cadre and basic facilities.

“The FBR top bureaucracy has totally neglected the inspectors of their right of promotion to next cadre while many have attained the age of superannuation with a wish of promotion,” they said terming it highhandedness, injustice and against the norms of justice.  The inspectors, the major force behind the huge collection of revenues have been losing hearts effecting the revenue collection, the officials said, adding that inspectors having about 30 years of service are still waiting for their promotion to next cadre.

This is a sheer discriminatory treatment for the employees of the same department, the officials said, disclosing CSP officers after joining the department as assistant collector customs elevated to the rank of deputy collector, additional collector, collector, chief collector & member customs respectively during the last 30 years.