Friday , July 20 2018
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Tax evasion bid of Rs09.6m by Arif Textiles aborted by Port Qasim Customs

KARACHI: Model Custom Collectorate Port Qasim has foiled a bid to evade the duty and taxes amounting to Rs09.6million by M/s Arif Taxtiles Company through mis-declaration.

M/s Arif Taxtiles Company filed a Goods Declaration seeking clearance of a lady grape cloth consignment with flaps of China. The examination found the goods as per packing list.

One container was marked for examination and it was as per declaration. Three were going through green channel. Collector Saeed Akram had the information that importer was involved in methodical mis-declaration through jumbling of high valued items into lesser quantity and low valued items into higher quantity.

Saeed Akram formed the R&D team, headed by Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza, comprising Deputy Collector, Principal Appraiser and Appraising Officer Mir Ali. They conducted the examination of all the containers that if there was mis-declaration. Had this willful mis-declaration gone unchecked exchequer would have suffered a loss of Rs9.6million.

Such cases are a big question-mark on the risk management system (RMS) as only those containers are marked for examination, which are as per declaration. Source said that penalty will be imposed on Arif Taxtiles Company which may be Rs1.22 lakh. Source said at this time two more companies are under observation about tax evasion. The investigation is going on and, after six days, Model Custom Collectorate Port Qasim may impose the penalty on these companies soon.