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Tariff Explanation

Print Media

Customs Today total print runs 10,750 copies per week.



Number of Columns :6 Columns
Length of Columns :36 Centimetres
Width of Columns :4.125 Centimetres
Paper used :High Quality Imported 60 GSM
Printing process :Offset


Statistics about Customs Today Website

Time Span  


Average Hits :25,000 to 30,000
At any given week span :160,000 to 180,000

Page Dimensions with Calculations of Rate

These are given as examples to set standards.

Explanation for Basic Rate:





Full Page36cms x 6col216cc x Rs. 750/-Rs. 1,62,000/-
Half Page18cms x 6col108cc x Rs. 950/-Rs. 1,02,600 /-
Quarter Page20cms x 3col60cc   x Rs. 950/-Rs. 57,000 /-
Other-115cms x 3col45cc   x Rs. 950/-Rs. 42,750 /-
Other-210cms x 2col10cc   x Rs. 950/-Rs. 9,500   /-
Horizontal Strip5cms   x 6col30cc   x Rs. 950/-Rs. 28,500 /-
Vertical Strip20cms x 1col 20cc   x Rs. 950/-Rs. 19,000 /-


Explanation for Premium Rate: (Color/Position)

TypeSizeCalculationRateRate + Premium
Front Page Strip5cms x 6col30cc x Rs. 950/-Rs. 28,500/-28,500+150%(Color)+100%(Front)=Rs. 99,750/-
Back Page Strip5cms x 6col30cc x Rs. 950/-Rs. 28,500/-28,500+150%(Color)+50%(Back)=Rs. 85,500/-
Quarter Back Page20cms x 3col60cc x Rs. 950/-Rs. 57,000/-57,000+150%(Color)+50%(Back)=Rs. 1,71,000/-
Page 320cms x 3col60cc x Rs.950/-Rs. 57,000/-57,000+35%(Special Page) =Rs. 76,950/-

Explanation for Classified Rate:





Classified normal  words20 words 20 x Rs. 39/-Rs. 780/-
20 normal + 10 bold words20 words + 10 bold words20 x Rs. 39/- + (10 x Rs. 39/- + 100%)Rs. 1,560 /-


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