Sunday , September 22 2019
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Kalabagh Dam can add $25b to GDP: Seminar links Pakistan future to dam’s construction

Kalabagh Dam

ISLAMABAD: The construction of Kalabagh Dam will add $25 billion to the GDP through agriculture and energy sectors. The Pakistan’s future is linked with the construction of Kalabagh Dam as it will equally benefit all the four federating units and will bring about food, energy and water security in the country. This was the crux of speeches made at a ... Read More »

Circular debt – again  


Circular debt is the money which various government departments owe to PEPCO as electricity charges. When the government departments do not pay for the power they use, PEPCO fails to pay to various power producing units from where it purchases electricityand the power producing units cannot pay to oil companies to purchase fuel. This creates a circle of debt which ... Read More »