Friday , March 22 2019
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SC urged to take exemplary action against suspects involved in misuse of green channel facility

SC urged to take exemplary action against suspects involved in misuse of green channel facility

MULTAN: Supreme Court of Pakistan must take strict action against accused who are involved in the alleged smuggling of drugs through misusing green channel facility to prevent society from drug addiction.

These views were expressed by Doctors Front Multan President Dr Mehnaz Khakwani in her exclusive interview with Customs Today on other day.

She expressed that Pakistan is considered a home for the use of drugs; however, majority of drugs are cleared through different shipment from green channel.

She said that customs introduced green channel facility for the genuine importers for the smooth clearance of their shipments but few criminal gangs have allegedly misused green facility for smuggling of contraband items in the country.

Pakistan is considered as one of the biggest market for drug smugglers and dealers in the world. It is very unfortunate that smugglers get cleared import shipments of banned medicine and drugs in the country without taking any approval from Ministry of Health.

She highlighted that drug trafficking is a serious offense around the world and exemplary punishments should be awarded to those who are involved in this crime but  these drugs are sold to underage people which devastate future of youth and it also required huge financial budget for the rehabilitation of drug addict.

Consumption of illegal drugs is widespread global phenomena and remains very difficult for law enforcement agencies to thwart but smugglers are allegedly cleared through green channel due to involvement of few dishonest Customs officials for the sake of kickback. Smuggled drugs are sold in the market openly due to weak enforcement.

Smugglers were found misusing the green channel facility and got cleared consignments through green channel under the garb of machinery scraps and other items.

Pakistan is one of those countries where drug addiction reached to alarming situation due to easy clearance through green channel facility.

Mehnaz Khakwani expressed concerns on rampant increase in smuggling of drugs in the country. She said that about 45 percent of total imports into the country are cleared through green channel that implies clearance without examination and assessment.

The government should introduce re-profiling of the green channel importers to prevent misuse of green channel facility. She recommended that Federal Board of Revenue to review the database of importers availing green channel facility for the goods clearance to prevent its misuse.

Dr. Mehnaz Khakwani demanded Supreme Court of Pakistan to take strict action against those who are allegedly involved in the clearance of drugs through green channel facility.