Sunday , February 17 2019
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“CJP notice against green channel smuggling highly appreciated”

“CJP notice against green channel smuggling highly appreciated”

MULTAN: Misuse of the green channel facility is posing a professional challenge to whole customs department and Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar notice in this regard is highly appreciated.

It was told by President of Pakistan Chemist & Druggists Association (PCDA), Punjab Muhammad Akhtar Butt in his exclusive interview with Customs Today.

He said that Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar took notice after the shocking facts revealed by Customs Today against mega corruption and revenue evasion through green channel and ordered an inquiry into the matter.

He told that Supreme Court has put a full stop on people using the Green Channel to bring in goods without paying duty. He said that Green Channel facility has been mercilessly misused by fraudsters in connivance with a few corrupt customs officials who cleared unscrupulous items for the sake of personal bribes.

He said that misuse of Green Channel facility by smugglers has caused huge loss to the national exchequer and genuine importers in the country. Misuse of Green Channel facility allowed smugglers in the country to launch their smuggled goods in the open markets after getting clearance through green channel.

He informed that smugglers used Green Channel for clearance of illegal drugs. He showed grave concerns over illegal import of banned drugs in the country which are also causing severe health issues in public and it is the most serious offence and Supreme Court of Pakistan should conduct investigation against it.

He worried over clearing these illegal or banned goods by declaring as scrap or iron under the protection of customs due to involvement of some corrupt officials, legitimate imports are decreasing day by day due to encouragement of illegal imports in the country as genuine importers after paying huge taxes could not compete in the market.

Genuine importers pay all taxes and levies for the clearance of their shipments but smugglers smoothly get cleared their goods by mis-declaration under the garb of iron and scrap. This is causing billions of rupees loss to national exchequer as revenue through legal imports is decreasing and corruption is increasing day by day due to greedy customs officials who are offering swift clearance to fraudsters.

He said we are losing competition in the retail markets ultimately as fraudsters are supplying goods less than their cost by evading necessary taxes while genuine importers are unable to sell medicines on same prices after paying regular taxes.

Customs department must introduce effective checking of shipments clearance through green channel or others to address concerns of business community and genuine importers.

He suggested that clearance procedure through Green Channel should be reviewed to stamp out illegal clearances in future at Karachi Port Trust (KPT).