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Spain exported 9% more garlic in 2016

Spain exported 9% more garlic in 2016

MADRID: The Spanish-French-Italian garlic contact group, made up of representatives from the French, Italian and Spanish sectors, will meet on 23 March in Sulmona, Italy, in order to analyse the results of the latest campaign, the prospects for 2017, as well as the regulations applicable to imports from third countries, among other topics.

The group will analyse the development of garlic imports from third countries and the TRQ Regulation applicable to these imports. In 2016, the EU imported 54,798 tonnes from third countries, 3% more than in 2015. China is the EU’s main supplier, with 45,543 tonnes in 2016, representing 83% of the total, according to data from Eurostat processed by FEPEX.

The Spanish export of garlic in 2016 amounted to 165,025 tonnes; 9% more than in 2015, worth 375.5 million Euro (+55%), with Italy and France as the main destinations. Exports to Italy in 2016 amounted to 17,706 tonnes; 9% less than in 2015, worth 45.8 million Euro (+30%), while France imported 17,738 tonnes (-5%) worth 49.1 million Euro (+35%). The third most important destination for Spanish garlic in 2016 was Brazil, a country that has recorded a very positive development since 2014. Shipments to Brazil in 2016 totalled 16,376 tonnes; 25% more than in 2015, worth 34.6 million Euro (+118%).

Cuenca is the Spanish province exporting the most garlic, with 46,507 tonnes in 2016, followed by Cordoba, with 24,678 tonnes, and Alicante, with 20,824 tonnes. Also noteworthy are the volumes exported by Albacete, with 12,940 tonnes, and Valencia, with 11,886 tonnes, according to data from the Customs Directorate processed by FEPEX.