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Sony requests Twitter to suspend users posting leaked documents

Sony requests Twitter to suspend users posting leaked documents

EUROPE: As we remember that Sony was hacked and keep silence 1 year ago.Than their special documents released and became scandal on the world of technology.After this hacking story ,Sony lost many customers cause of the privacy terms .Also they were putting their company into danger with all important projects which will happen in the future. Sony has asked Twitter to suspend the account of a person who is alleged to have posted internal company documents and information released by hackers.
Twitter has also been asked to destroy the “stolen” documents that are in its possession or control.
A letter sent Monday by Sony Pictures Entertainment’s attorney David Boies to Twitter General Counsel Vijaya Gadde, and obtained by some news outlets, claimed that someone using the Twitter handle @bikinirobotarmy is in possession of, and is using the account to publish “stolen documents and information” from the recent hack.
Sony Pictures was hacked in late November and a variety of information, including corporate, employee data and unreleased movies were leaked. Some leaked emails of executives have proven to be particularly embarrassing for the company.
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has said North Korea was responsible for the hack, which came ahead of the release by Sony of a comedy movie about a plot to assassinate the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.
The Twitter account Sony wants suspended belongs to Val Broeksmit who describes himself on his website as a person who “writes records, mixes and masters his own music.”
Broeksmit said on Monday that Twitter had forwarded to him the letter from Boies. The attorney had asked Twitter to hand over a copy of his letter to Broeksmit and ask him to cease publication of the information on Twitter.
In a telephone interview, Broeksmit said he had tweeted the “silly, stupid stuff” that he thought was already in the public domain, and did not tweet any sensitive corporate information that could damage Sony. The musician had tweeted, for example, an email that suggested that Sony paid an actor to tweet about films.
“It’s absurd that Sony is going after me,” he said. “They keep making mistakes.” Broeksmit said he hadn’t yet decided whether he would back down to Sony’s demand or hire a lawyer.