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Skype provides awesome features to users, takes lead over Viber

Skype provides awesome features to users, takes lead over Viber

NEW YORK: There are several VoIP apps for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS devices that include among the most popular Skype and Viber. However, Skype and Viber don’t perform the same way and provide different experiences.

On Skype users are required to create a password and username. Viber, on the other hand, won’t, but does need a mobile number to sign up. For contacts on your phone, it is very handy. On Viber, you have better integration of your mobile device. Skype starts out on your PC then has branched to the mobile devices, in which Viber has ruled.

Skype vs. Viber in price

You won’t pay anything using Viber. You are able to freely make calls, and message anyone. Skype offers the same, but with pay, so you can call land lines and mobile phones.

Skype vs. Viber in Popularity

Each app is popular, and it is not a good measurement for the technical power. With an increased user base, you can make calls free to people, saving a significant amount of money. Compared to Viber, Skype has the bigger user base.

Skype vs. Viber in Consumption of Data

Since you don’t have to pay to use Viber, and VoIP is purposed with saving money, you can use up a lot of mobile data. VoIP users are usually billed on the amount of MB used. It takes 250KB per minute for a call on Viber. While Skype takes much more than that, and consume several amounts of data.

Skype vs. viber in Quality of Call

Compared to Viber, uses an exuberant amount of data but provides higher and better quality calls for video and voice. This can be due to the HD voice and Skype’s enhanced codecs. Viber’s calling feature is still in beta, and the call quality isn’t much to report.


Sky vs. Viber in Features

It is an important factor for VoIP apps to have many valuable features. Viber provides a limited amount of features when looking at Skype. There are a list of features that Skype provides that continues to grow including service plans, premium plans, advanced settings, multiple people on calls, call recording, and much more.


Overall the better app belongs to Skype for those looking to make quality calls, has a bigger user base, and provides awesome features. For those that don’t care to call anyone, then the free cost of Viber will greatly intrigue you.