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Settlement of pending contravention cases by 30th of June to increase recovery

Settlement of pending contravention cases by 30th of June to increase recovery

ISLAMABAD: All the pending contravention seizure cases worth Rs1.00billion at the Collectorate of Adjudication Islamabad will be decided till 30th of June Financial Year 2017-18. This initiative will help maximize the revenue recovery.

According to details explained by Dr. Arslan Subuktegin, Collector Adjudication, Islamabad, while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today that the collectorate has adjudicate 308 contravention cases by the end of January FY17-18. It was added that the total revenue of Rs241.657million was involved in those cases who came to a decision up to January FY17-18.
Giving the details of contravention cases decided up to the end of the month of January FY17-18 by different adjudication officials, he said the Collector Adjudication Islamabad settled 21 cases valued at Rs161.563million while Additional Collector Adjudication Islamabad has decided contravention cases in number of eight in which Rs14.2million of revenue was involved.
He further said the Additional Collector Adjudication (Camp office) Peshawar adjudicated 11 pending contravention cases till the month of January FY17-18 worth Rs14.53million whereas Deputy Collector Adjudication Islamabad decided 44 cases valued at Rs10.084million. He added that Deputy Collector Adjudication (Camp office) Peshawar decided 217 contravention cases by the end of January FY17-18 with the involved revenue of Rs40.36million.
The Collector Adjudication told CT that Superintendent Adjudication Islamabad settled seven cases worth Rs 0.09million up to the month of January FY17-18.
The Collectorate of Adjudication has directed all the Additional Collectors and Deputy Collectors of Adjudication to provide all the decisions’ duplicates to the Collector Adjudication and Collector Office and send the copies of the decisions to the Frontier Constabulary F C Peshawar, Collectorate of Transit Trade Peshawar, Directorate of Intelligence and Interrogation (I&I) Peshawar, Collectorate of Post Clearing Audit (PCA) Peshawar so that decisions could be implemented.
He further said the Collectorate Adjudication has decided three contravention cases in favor of the taxpayers by January FY17-18 while 305 contravention cases have been decided in favor of the department.
The collector remarked that the Collectorate Adjudication is working hard to adjudicate all the pending cases as soon as possible. The Collectorate Adjudication tried to fetch a large amount of revenue through pendency of revenue involving contravention cases before the end of Fiscal Year 2017-18 so as to contribute a handsome revenue amount to the national exchequer.