Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Sadruddin Hashwani’s memoir ‘Truth Always Prevails’ launched

Sadruddin Hashwani’s memoir ‘Truth Always Prevails’ launched

ISLAMABAD: Renowned publisher Penguin Books has launched Truth Always Prevails, a memoir of distinguished businessman Sadruddin Hashwani.

The book Truth Always Prevails is a self-narrated account of personal and entrepreneurial experiences by one of the most successful businessmen of Pakistan with a global footprint. This is a story of Pakistan and the ‘Pakistani Dream’.

Truth Always Prevails is a memoir of not only the struggles of the eventful life of an entrepreneur but also an in-depth account of Pakistan through economic and evolutionary highs and lows. The rise of Hashwani to become the cotton king of Pakistan, first-hand account of the economic suffering at the hands of nationalisation, the birth of hospitality industry in Pakistan and the challenge of uncertain policies – this book is as much a historical account of the story of Pakistan as it is that of a man, a son, a father, a Muslim, a Pakistani and an entrepreneur realising the ‘Pakistani Dream’.

General (r) Jahangir Karamat, former COAS and ambassador of Pakistan to USA was the Chief Guest, while prominent figures of the society were also present on the occasion.

Jahangir Karamat said that Truth Always Prevails has been written from the heart and is the rich story of a man who made it to the top of the business world by his determination and talent and support of those around him.

Speaking on the occasion Hashoo Group Chairman Sadruddin Hashwani said, “My message is that of belief and hope in Pakistan. My book is about the past and in the spirit of forgiveness in Islam. Today, I forgive all those that have persecuted me in the past. I have no personal enmity towards anyone. Now is the time to focus on the future of Pakistan.” He said that the Pakistani Government must provide a support system to young entrepreneurs and create conducive environment for successful Pakistani businessmen to invest in the country instead of taking their investment elsewhere. “There is nothing that Pakistanis cannot achieve with sincere leadership, unity of the people and submission to ALLAH,” he added.