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Sadiqullah Khan’s Hyderabad I&I seizes huge quantity of smuggled goods worth Rs30.897m

Sadiqullah Khan’s Hyderabad I&I seizes huge quantity of smuggled goods worth Rs30.897m

HYDERABAD: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation, by continuing its drive against smuggling, has seized huge quantity of smuggled various items including 150,000 litres of smuggled Iranain diesel, three vehicles, 2 NDP tampered vehicles, 6-huge Indian medicine cartons, 1040 packets smuggled Indian gutka, 1390 kgs foreign origin betel nuts, 10 tyres for vehicles worth Rs 30.897 million in 20 seizure cases during the month of May 2019.

Talking with Customs Today, Director I&I Dr. Sadiqullah Khan said that the Directorate has performed exceptionally well as compared to corresponding time period of the fiscal year 2017-18. The director made 20 seizure cases worth Rs 30.897 million during the month of May in fiscal year 2018-19 whereas the directorate recorded 17 seizure cases worth Rs 20.255 million during May of FY 2017-18. The percentage of seizure cases has almost doubled and value of the cases has increased almost 52.5% percent during the current Fiscal Year.

The Directorate made out 200 seizure cases as against 109 cases in the corresponding period showing an increase of 83.48% while the value of the goods seized is 80% higher than previous year recording Rs 364.863 million against Rs 203 million.

During the month of May, 2019, the Directorate received an information that non-customs paid vehicles are plying on the roads of District Dadu, therefore, surveillance was done and a joint operation with assistance from District Police Dadu was conducted, which resulted into interception of two non-customs paid vehicles i.e a Toyota Surf model 2005 and Suzuki Jimny model 2007 and  value of these vehicles is around Rs 4 million.

During the same operation, following another credible lead a truck was stopped which was carrying  non-duty paid smuggled Iranian origin ceramic tiles worth Rs 2.7 million. This joint operation went successful.

The Director said this Directorate is making all-out efforts to prevent smuggling of contraband goods. Information based operations are being planned in other parts in liaison with law enforcement agencies under the jurisdiction of this Directorate.

Similarly, the directorate, on specific information, made out seizure of Chinese Salt and Cumin Seed
worth Rs 12.75 million. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has imposed a ban on import, sale,
purchase of Chinese Salt (Monosodium Glucomate).

During the period under review, the Directorate made seizures of Iranian POL 982,000 liters. A strategy has been devised with the law enforcement agencies to detect and curb the menace of smuggling of POL. The Directorate conducted several operations jointly with District Police in various districts regarding non-duty paid vehicles. A total of 33 NDP tampered vehicles have been confiscated as against 25 in previous year showing increase of 132%.

The Directorate has conducted several auctions of the confiscated goods. A total of Rs 119.025 million has been realized through public auctions during the current fiscal year as against Rs 20.608 million in the previous year showing increase of 595%.

The Hyderabad I&I team, following instructions of Hyderabad customs I&I Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan, conducted various raids in Hyderabad Sukkur range office areas to confiscate smuggled goods & items under the supervision of Additional Director Syed Naeem Akhter. Hyderabad I&I team comprised deputy director Shah Faisal Sahu, Deputy Director Mukhtiyar Ali Sheikh from Sukkur,  superintendents Tariq Rafique, Fariuddin Masood, intelligence officer Syed Shafique Ali, Inspectors  Syed Zaigham Ali Shah, Munir Ahmed Bhanbharo, Irfan Ghani Sukkur range office, sepoys, drivers  and other staff took part in the operation. Director Dr Sadiqullah Khan appreciated the performance of his subordinates for conducting successful operations.