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Russian PVC imports rose by 30% in 2016

Russian PVC imports rose by 30% in 2016

MOSCOW: Imports of suspension polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) in Russia grew to about 124,200 tonnes in 2016, up 30% year on year. At the same time, PVC exports from the country grew by one third, according to MRC DataScope report. December imports of SPVC into the country seasonally decreased to 338 tonnes compared with 805 tonnes a month earlier, due to weaker demand and lower prices from local producers . Thus, last year’s SPVC imports into the country totalled 124,200 tonnes compared with 95,300 tonnes year on year; the peak of imports was seen in July – September. The key external suppliers of PVC over this period were Chinese producers. Total imports of Chinese acetylene PVC into Russia grew to 95,800 tonnes in 2016, compared with 64,500 tonnes in 2015.

The second largest supplier of PVC into Russia was the USA. Total imports of US PVC into Russia were about 19,600 tonnes in 2016, which was the same as in 2015. It is also worth noting that the significant decline in domestic demand led to an increase in active exporting of PVC by Russian producers in recent years. Russia’s PVC exports (excluding supplies to Belarus, and Kazakhstan) in December increased to 17,700 tonnes against 10,800 tonnes a month earlier. In general, in January-December, SPVC exports exceeded 71,400 tonnes, up 52% year on year.