Friday , July 20 2018
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‘Renewed US pressure aims to damage CPEC the game changer’

‘Renewed US pressure aims to damage CPEC the game changer’

PESHAWAR: Director Pakistan Afghanistan Trade and Transit Route at Customs House Peshawar Rashid Habib Khan on Thursday said one of the reasons behind the renewed American pressure is to sabotage the game changer project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which has the power to change the economic condition in the entire region including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia and China.

US, India and some of their allies have not accepted the CPEC from the day one; hostile nations have hatched conspiracies against the project and now they want to harass the investors by creating an environment of uncertainty, he said. US policy regarding Pakistan, which has been changed to please India and others, is aimed to destabilize Pakistan but White House should know that we are not a weak country.

He said this while talking with Customs Today on Thursday.

The entire nation and the business community stand united with the government and the army which is ready to face any form of aggression to protect the economic investment coming to Pakistan, he added. The Director further said the national interests cannot be compromised to please others and gone are the days when rulers took a U-turn on a phone call from White House. Khan said the US and India cannot isolate Pakistan while Islamabad will never accept an enhanced role of India in Afghanistan as it is against our national interests.

Lauding the stance of Pakistan against the US, he said the US is itself responsible for failures in Afghanistan. It is not the Pakistan but America and Afghanistan offering sanctuary to regional and global terrorists who frequently attack Pakistan to hurt the economic investment coming to Pakistan, he remarked.

Rashid Habib Khan added that our highly professional and motivated military is aware of all threats faced by the country and it has the ability to counter these threats being hurled at the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.