Saturday , May 25 2019
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RCCI resents 100 basis points hike in SBP’s interest rate

RCCI resents 100 basis points hike in SBP’s interest rate


RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) has shown strong reservations for increasing 100 basis points in the interest rate by the State Bank of Pakistan taking it from7.5 percent to 8.5 percent and urged the government to withdraw this hike as it would increase the credit cost of commercial banks, ultimately bad effect on the growth of industrial activities and create more difficulties for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in its efforts aimed at reviving the economy.

RCCI President Malik Shahid Saleem, while talking to a traders delegation at chamber house said that the central bank has raised its interest rate by a sharp 100 basis points in one go. He said that the sharp increase in interest rate would discourage investors from considering Pakistan for investment and badly affect investment in different projects.

He said that Pakistan needed quick revival of business and industrial activities to improve the health of the economy, but 100 basis point increase in interest rate would make the cost of credit unaffordable for business community and badly affect their efforts for promoting business activities.

RCCI chief said currently government is facing pressure on fiscal deficit, and this increase in interest rate will increase the budget deficit. He urged that the finance minister Asad Umar to review the SBP announcement and must hold a meeting with the business leaders to discuss and devise a new strategy for steering the economy out of current troubles.