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Qatar non-oil exports at R5.6bn in 1 despite embargo

Qatar non-oil exports at R5.6bn in 1 despite embargo

DOHA:  Qatar’s non-oil exports for the first quarter of 2018 touched QR5.64bn, up 15.1 percent or QR4.9bn, compared to the same period in 2017, according to the monthly report of Qatar Chamber as reported by the Peninsula.
According to the Chamber, in March, Qatar exported goods and services to about 57 countries, including 11 Arab countries and GCC, 10 European countries including Turkey, 16 Asian countries (excluding Arab countries), 15 African countries (excluding Arab countries), 3 countries of North America, and one of South America and Australia.
Oman was still Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in March 2018 accounting for QR485.8m or 35.8 percent of the total exports.
It was followed by Netherland with almost QR209.1m or 15.4 percent and Turkey with QR87.7 m or 6.5 percent.
India came in fourth place with almost QR78.8m or 5.8 percent followed Bangladesh by with QR76.3m or 5.6 percent. Hong Kong was in the sixth place followed by Germany, Indonesia, China and Australia.
GCC countries (Oman and Kuwait) as an economic bloc were top destinations of Qatari exports amounting to 37.1 percent of the total exports with QR502.4m. Most of them was received by Oman.
Asian countries excluding Arab countries come in the second place. They imported goods worth QR440 m, which represents 32.4 percent of the total non-oil exports.
European countries including Turkey come in the third place amounting to 20.4 percent of the total value with QR276.3m.