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Proportion of women in company tips to only takes up in the creeper

Proportion of women in company tips to only takes up in the creeper

Only three women currently on the operative tip of the 117 largest Swiss companies: BKW-Boss, Suzanne Thoma, Philomena Colatrella, head of the health insurance company CSS, and Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, Head of the Ems group. A year ago, Jasmine Staiblin the energy company Alpiq and Susanne Ruoff at the Post office in this illustrious group were. Today, women’s day, it is about women in Top positions in the economy, no reason for euphoria. But after all, to hope.

after a decline in the previous year, the proportion of women in the business lines of these companies has risen by two percentage points to the peak of nine per cent. Specifically, the number of female business has increased Board members last year from 63 to 75 women. Total, the companies have the focus of 875 members of the Executive Board.

In every other business line, there is not a woman

Collected this data, the cadre mediation firm Guido Schilling. Chief shilling but admits: “When it comes to the appointment of women in management so slowly, we reach to 2022, a female share of just twelve percent.”

Sobering: still the business lines for women is missing in more than half of the whole. Only 18 percent of open management positions were filled last year, with women. Shilling stressed: “It is not enough if companies hire more women, you must you can keep it.” Last year, 14 women were eliminated from the carpet days. Significantly, it was also a sufficient number of women in middle and lower Management, which could then be internally promoted.

Switzerland is one of the back

Little progress has been made in the management boards. With a female share of 21 percent (previous year: 19 percent) was for the first time, cracked the 20 percent mark. But according to Schilling to forward slowly. “We must make a greater Effort,” he urges. The previous Trend continued, would be reached by 2022, a 27 percent share. “I am in favour of any vacant Board of Directors seat held by a woman,” adds shilling. It is reminiscent of the in the share revision, provided for 30 per cent quota for Board of Directors.

Although Switzerland is in Europe is like comparing in the last twelve months, a rank on the third-to-last place, is shilling against a legal quota for women, as they have Germany and France.

appeal to voluntary quotas

As an example, he sees the UK market, where companies with a voluntary quota within seven years, the proportion of women in boards of Directors from 12 to 30 percent increased. He encouraged the companies: “A time in accordance with the established company has at all levels, targets for women’s share,” he says.

only clear rates the men carpet dominated days leave, of which more and more companies are convinced. On the occasion of international women’s day Expo 100 companies will become conductive with a specific quota targets and support measures. “During the next three years we want to raise the proportion of women at all levels of Management on a third,” says the Swiss card-the head of Florence Schnydrig Moser, compared to the company’s network Advance.