Thursday , March 21 2019
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PRA marks Tax Day: Taxation gateway to development, says Dr Ayesha

PRA marks Tax Day: Taxation gateway to development, says Dr Ayesha

LAHORE: Tax Day celebration is a unique initiative by Punjab Revenue Authority to highlight the importance of taxation in the overall macroeconomic framework and to introduce the taxpayers as stakeholder in good- governess.

Payment of taxes is a prime responsibility of every individual in the country and the government is responsible for right use of taxpayer’s money.

These were the words of Provincial Ministers for Finance and Excise & Taxation Dr Ayesha Ghous Pasha on the Tax Day event organised by Punjab Revenue Authority.

The provincial finance minister said that taxation was the gateway to development and the government had precisely marked April 10 as tax day to not just highlight the significance of taxation but to spread the undue importance and benefits of paying taxes. She congratulated PRA on the launching of new Notice Management System, a web-based software allowing PRA to centrally manage electronic notices and taxpayer’s profiling efficiently, pre-populated returns; a system introduced with the cooperation of World Bank to help facilitate the taxpayers by providing them automated filing of online tax forms and the implementation of hotel and courier Invoice Management System.

She stressed that it is not only the responsibility of the tax collector to gain the trust of the taxpayer by being accountable and introducing transparent taxation system but also the responsibility of the general public to pay taxes to reap its benefits in the form of health, education, infrastructure, etc. She said that both the tax collectors and taxpayers are partners in the country’s development and this partnership should flourish for mutual benefits. She thanked all donor partners for assisting PRA in becoming a progressive department.

Mujtaba Shuja Ur Rehmaan said, “It is our moral duty as the citizen of the Pakistan to pay taxes timely and relish the returns provided by the govt in the form of infrastructural and welfare projects.” He also stated that in Punjab every taxpayer’s money is being well spent on infrastructural and developmental projects under the surveillance, political will and vision of Chief Minster Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and appraised how PRA has been helping the Punjab govt by collecting taxes efficiently.