Tuesday , January 23 2018
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POL price cut leaves commuters, motorists high and dry

POL price cut leaves commuters, motorists high and dry

LAHORE: The artificial shortage of POL products in the aftermath of around 10 percent reduction in its prices announced by the government caused great inconvenience to the public and they suffered greatly due to closure of filling stations and long queues at those which remained opened.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced decrease in POL price following sharp decline in crude oil prices in the international market. The government announced over Rs 9 reduction in the POL price with effect from December 1.

However the decision was not implemented at once and the consumers faced problems. It has become a practice of filling station owners that whenever oil prices are increased they implement the new prices forthwith with delight but it occurs contrary, they appear hesitant to pass on the benefit to the end consumers. Continuing with this habit, most of the petrol pump owners stopped oil supply to the citizens while others remained overcharging and supplying fuel on the old prices.

According to a survey of the city, the petrol supply was stopped at various private filling station in areas of Mughalpura, Dhrampura, Harbanspura, Manawa, Tajpura, Lakshmi, Batapur, Gohawa Morr, Gulberg, Cantonment and other areas due to which citizens faced serious problems.

On the other hand city district government sealed off as many as five petrol pumps over failure to supply petrol to consumers on the new prices.

It is noteworthy that following decrease in oil prices in the international market the price of petroleum were decreased in three months in Pakistan by Rs 21 from Rs Rs 108 to Rs 84.