Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Philippines plans to build new port in Cebu worth $200m

Philippines plans to build new port in Cebu worth $200m

MANILA: Philippines government has planned to build a $200 million new port in Cebu to help decongest Cebu City port.

Transportation Undersecretary for Project Implementation, Julianito Bucayan, said the final site for the new port in Cebu will depend on the outcome of the feasibility study that is still being conducted. The Japan International Cooperation Agency is helping the Philippine government conduct the feasibility study for the new port planned for Cebu.

“I cannot say yet the specific location. There are several candidates but it depends on the outcome of the feasibility study,” said Bucayan, who sits as alternate chair of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) Board.

Bucayan likewise clarified that the tag price for the project may still adjust depending on the final location of the facility.

“It’s hard to give a figure now on the cost because it will depend on where the location will be because the location will define how much work is needed to be done. It can be in the ballpark figure of $200 million but again it depends on the location. It can be much lower or higher,” he pointed out.

“If you go out to the sea, you have to reclaim and that will make the development cost higher unlike if you have a natural deep draft and you don’t have to reclaim. It will be cheaper and more efficient,” he added.

Earlier, Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya disclosed a plan to build a new port in Northern Cebu that will cater exclusively to container traffic. In an interview last year, Abaya said the preferred site is Tayud, Consolacion, which he said is suited for container traffic considering its natural depth of around 16 meters. Tayud is eight kilometers away from Cebu International Port.