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‘Peshawar ASO’s brilliant performance due to timely mobilization of squads against trafficking’

‘Peshawar ASO’s brilliant performance due to timely mobilization of squads against trafficking’

PESHAWAR: The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Model Customs Collectorate Peshawar showed a tremendous performance during Financial Year 2016-17 by impounding miscellaneous smuggled goods, narcotics and non-duty-paid vehicles. The MCC Peshawar is divided into three divisions that are North (Peshawar, Mardan, and Noweshra), Kohat division and Hazara division.

The ASO North’s performance has been very commendable and impressive during the yesteryear. The performance has been achieved due to timely mobilization of squads on targets. Newly recruitment of sepoys has provided a fresh blood to the force. It is all due to a teamwork which has contributed a brilliant performance to the ASO North.
The performance of the Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Peshawar is practically self-sufficient to carry out operations within its jurisdiction. The ASO collected handsome revenue by impounding contraband items, Non-Duty-Paid (NDP) and offending vehicles during Financial Year (FY) 2016-17. The offending vehicles played a main role in promoting smuggling activities in the region. The ASO Peshawar always tried to discourage the non-tax-paid activities and encourage the legal business activities. The ASO Peshawar impounded 721 vehicles during July to June FY16-17.
This was stated by Zakir Muhammad, Deputy Collector ASO Peshawar, while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today.

During FY16-17, Peshawar ASO seized huge quantity of goods and fetched great revenue to national exchequer. He said the ASO Peshawar impounded 441 offending vehicles worth Rs641.2million whereas it did 280 NDP vehicles valued Rs411.13million during said period.
He said the ASO seized 1578,732 yards of foreign origin fabrics priced Rs557.3million, 2,784 kg of betel nuts/poppy seeds worth Rs1.05million, foreign currencies of Rs112.1million, armed ammunition valued Rs0.03million, 132,300 kg of tea priced Rs50.82million, 13,295 tyres and tubes valued Rs23.73, 2859 pieces of auto parts worth Rs30.86million and 285 bottles of liquor valued Rs4.52million.
During FY16-17, the ASO seized 27,469 litres of smuggled Mobil oil priced Rs10.34million, 78 litres of grease worth Rs0.0162million, 32.821 kg of gold/silver valued Rs125.4million, 246,307 cartons of fake cigarettes worth Rs34.124million, 6,369 pieces of electronics goods valued Rs33.35million, 120 antiques priced Rs1.8million, 250,293 pirated CD/DVDs worth Rs10.067million, 11,698 kg of scrape valued Rs4.27million, 321 blankets priced Rs1.33million, miscellaneous medicines valued Rs2.62million and many other smuggled items.

The total estimated value of above said goods is Rs2379.479million. These goods were confiscated during FY2016-17.
The Deputy Collector said the ASO Peshawar impounded 680 Non-Customs-Duty-Paid (NDP) and offending vehicles during 11 months (July to May) of FY 2016-17 worth Rs797.180million.
According to details told by Deputy Collector Zakir Muhammad that performance of the ASO Peshawar looks good during last 11 months (July to May 16-17) of current Financial Year 2016-17. During said period, the ASO impounded 418 offending vehicles valued Rs594.050million whereas it impounded 262 NDP vehicles worth Rs383.130million.
He added that the ASO Peshawar impounded 627 offending and NDP vehicles during 10 months (July to April) of Financial Year (FY) 2016-17. The total worth of the said vehicles is Rs901.98million. During 10 months (July to April 16-17), the ASO impounded 384 offending vehicles valued Rs549.45million.

Telling details about the NDP vehicles during July to April, the deputy collector said the ASO impounded 243 NDP vehicles priced Rs352.530million adding those vehicles were impounded in different parts like Kohat, Nowshera, Peshawar, Hazara and many other parts which fall under the jurisdiction of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Peshawar.