Tuesday , December 18 2018
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Netherland Grape exports grew by 4%

Netherland Grape exports grew by 4%

AMSTERDAM: The manager of Agricultural exports of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Paula Carrion Tello, stated that grapes were Peru’s most exported fruit, and that Piura’s grape production was equalling that of Ica, a region that has stood out as the main supplier of the local and international markets for many years.

She also said that 30% of the grape shipments were harvested in the first half of the year and that the remaining 70% were harvested in the second half.”This year there was a lower harvest in Piura. This region usually produces from September to January, while Ica produces from November to February. The production volume of these regions is leveling out,” she said.

Carrion said that grape exports accounted for 15% of the total fruit sent abroad, followed by blueberries, mangoes, tangerines, and bananas. “The grape’s growth was mainly due to the diversification of markets, varieties, and the increase of production areas in Piura and Arequipa,” he said. The Red Globe was the most sold variety, he said, adding that in recent years the country also exported the Flame Seedless, Sugraone, Thompson Seedless, and Crimson Seedless, among others varieties. According to ADEX, Peru exported its grapes to 49 markets. The main markets are the US (with $85,967,000) and Hong Kong ($43,993,000), which together account for 47.8% of total exports. They are followed by the Netherlands, China, and the United Kingdom.