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Netherland Blueberry exports grew 57% in 2017

Netherland Blueberry exports grew 57% in 2017

AMSTERDAM: In 2017 Peru exported 41,329 tons of blueberries, i.e. 57% more than the 26,327 tons dispatched in 2016, stated the general manager of the Association of Producers of Blueberries of Peru (ProArandanos), Sergio del Castillo Valderrama.

He also said that blueberry shipments in 2017 amounted to US $350,831,000, which is 46.17% more than the US $240 million achieved in 2016. The United States was the main destination with 44% of the total (in 2016 it participated with 56%). It was followed by the Netherlands with 26% (24% in 2016), the United Kingdom with 11% (12% in 2016), and China with 10% (in 2016 there were no shipments to this destination). In 2017 shipments to China were dynamic and this destination already accounts for a significant share. In the medium term China could position itself as the second most important destination for blueberries from Peru, after the United States,” he said. In 2017 blueberry exports became one of the four most important non-traditional agricultural export products, along with grapes, asparagus and avocados. Del Castillo also said that Peru currently has around 5 thousand hectares of blueberries. Of this total, 90% of the areas belong to the companies associated with ProArandanos. La Libertad is the main producing area of blueberries, but there has been an increase of crops in other regions.