Friday , May 25 2018
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Nepal Ambassador Upadhyay meets Chief Minister Chouhan

Nepal Ambassador Upadhyay meets Chief Minister Chouhan

KATHMANDU: Ambassador of Nepal Deep Kumar Upadhyay paid a courtesy visit to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at Mantralaya on Monday. Upadhyay presented a replica of Pashupatinath Temple to the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and invited him to visit Nepal. Chouhan said that, Nepal and India not only maintain friendly relations in view of cultural traditions and civilisation but they share a bond of brotherhood. He further mentioned that, the people of India and Nepal are compassionately attached. Ambassador Upadhyay said that, there is a vast scope of hydro power generation in Nepal. India can provide assistance to utilise these possibilities. Chief Minister Chouhan said that, India is advancing to establish international co-operation and peace under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Concrete efforts will be made in this direction too.

Deep Upadhayay expressed the will for exchange of cultural and academic groups to strengthen cultural ties between Madhya Pradesh and Nepal. Expressing consent about this, Chouhan said that, it will also be beneficial for Madhya Pradesh. CM Chouhan also apprised the Ambassador about the formation of Anand Mantralaya, its objectives and proposed activities. Upadhyay informed that people of Nepali community residing in State are happy with the administration of State. Chouhan mentioned that, Nepali business community will get full support in State. Senior Officers of Nepal Embassy, State’s Minister for Public Works Rampal Singh, Principal Secretary to CM Ashok Varnval were present on the occasion.