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Multan Customs to auction vehicles, goods on 28th

Multan Customs to auction vehicles, goods on 28th

MULTAN: The Customs authorities have announced to auction vehicles and goods lying at State Ware House range office, Multan on September 28.

01. Suzuki Pick-up Model, 2000, Reg. No. WAH-515/Quetta, Chassis No. DD%IT-556195
02. Suzuki Sierra Jeep Model 1995, Reg. No. JAA-146/Lasbela, Chassis No. JB31W-120714
03. Hino Ranger Truk Model 1993, Reg. No. TKE-926/Jafarabad, Chassis No. FDIJUB-10128
04. Toyota Vitz Car, Model 2005 without engine, Reg. No. LEB-11-7128, Chassis No. SCP905005009
05. Suzuki Pickup Model 2003, Reg. No. LET-07-4091, Chassis No. DD51T-583599
06. Suzuki Pickup Model 2000, Reg. No. PAH-153/Quetta, Chassis No. DD51T-571150
07. Toyota Fielder Car Model 2002, Reg. No. AAQ-560/Quetta, Chassis No. NZE121-0193992
08. Toyota Vitz Car Model 2004, Reg. No. LEJ-714, Chassis No. SCP10-0426001
09. Toyota Premio Car Model 2003, Reg. No. QAB-139/Quetta, Chassis No. NZT240-5014964
10. Toyota Vitz Car Model 2005, Reg. No. AUY-873/Sindh, Chassis No. KSP90/2033584
11. Suzuki Alto Car Model 2000, Reg. No. AAL-243/Sindh, Chassis No. HA23S-650444
12. Mitsubishi Inter Cooler Pajero Jeep Model 1992, AFR-2016, Chassis No. L144G-3011738
13. Toyota Corolla X Car Model 2006, Reg. No. AVJ-822/Karachi, Chassis No. NZE121-0380358
14. Toyota Fielder Car Model 2003, Reg. No. SY-543/ICT, Chassis No. NZE121-0336790
15. Toyota Prado Jeep Model 2003, Reg. No. LED-911, Chassis No. VZJ120-0004132
16. Toyota Corolla X Car Model 2001, Reg. No. AAS-894/Quetta, Chassis No. NZE121-3015943

Multn Custm auct on sept 28th