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Multan Adjudication declares seizure of gold, foreign currency as legal

Multan Adjudication declares seizure of gold, foreign currency as legal

MULTAN: Collector Customs Adjudication Mirza Mubashir Baig declared the seizure of 100 tola and foreign currency by issuing Order –in-Original (ONO) on Wednesday as legal.

According to details, Anti-Smuggling Organization has taken action against women at the Multan International Airport who was departing from Multan to Dubai through Emirates flight no: EK-631 and recovered jewelry of gold bullion, bangles, chains, finger rings, ear rings, platinum rings of almost 100 tolas.

During this action, Multan Customs Collectorate staff also seized $20,308, 17 Saudi riyals and 50 Syrian pound from the luggage of Sajida Begum Seyal.

Collector Customs Adjudication preceded the seizure case and accused lady admitted to customs authorities that she did not make any declaration for the gold jewelry and foreign currency. Allegedly an attempt was made to smuggle the foreign origin currency, gold through women.

Accused Sajida Seyal is also the national of United State of America and submitted evidence that she brought gold and foreign currency after selling her certain immoveable properties in Pakistan for making gift to her six sons and daughter who are also resident of USA.

She told Customs Adjudication that she has already informed customs staff at the Airport and it was not concealed from Customs staff. Recovered gold jewelry was purchased years back and foreign currency was obtained for travelling expanse.

Collector observed during hearing that according to provisions to section 139 of the Customs act 1969, the lady was required to declare all the goods which were carrying at the time of departing abroad. This fact proves that seized goods were being smuggled out of country. The claim of lady passenger as being legal purchaser of goods seized does not absolve her of mandatory requirement of declaration to be made under section 139 of the Customs Act 1969. Even if the goods were purchased legally, but did not declare them at the time of departure. Therefore, Collector Mubashir Baig has issued order for the out rightly confiscation of gold and foreign currency under clause 8(i) of section 156 (i) of the Customs Act 1969.