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Multan Adjudication decides 413 cases of Rs605.982m during FY2017-18

Multan Adjudication decides 413 cases of Rs605.982m during FY2017-18

MULTAN: Customs Adjudication decided 413 seizure cases of worth Rs605.982 million during the entire Fiscal Year 2017-18.

According to details, Customs Adjudication conducted speedy conclusion of justice by disposing off highest number of seizure cases after completion of their trial. Multan Customs were able to decide 392 smuggling cases of worth Rs.540.88 million during corresponding fiscal year 2016-17.There were 258 different seizure cases of worth Rs.106.581 million settled by Deputy Collector Saima Ayyaz after hearing during the economic year 2017-18.

Additional Collector Customs Adjudication Talib Hussain issued final Order–in–Original (ONO) in 131 various seizure cases of worth Rs227.478 million for the duration of fiscal year 2017-18.

Collector Customs Adjudication Asif Khan Buzdar decided 24 seizure cases of Rs.271.293 million after conclusions during the monetary year 2017-18.

Customs Adjudication also decided few tax evasion and seizure cases in the favor of tax payer after collection of duty taxes and imposing penalty but majority of seizure cases were finalized in the favor of Customs department.

These tax evasion, seizure cases and contraventions were formed by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation, Anti-Smuggling Organization and Audit branch of the Multan Customs.

The Customs Adjudication has also 124 various pending seizure cases of Rs448.230 million after conclusion of fiscal year 2017-18. These seizure cases are still under adjudication in the Customs Adjudication of deputy collector, additional collector and collector. More than 114 various seizure cases are pending from last three months for hearing in the Customs Adjudication Multan.

Customs Adjudication have included 53 fresh seizure cases of Rs.81.341 million in the month of June which are under adjudication and in most of fresh cases Show-cause notices to the respondents and offenders have been issued.

Almost 53 seizure cases of Worth Rs.28.778 million available for trial in the court of Deputy Collector and 23 different seizure cases of value Rs.49.797 million are available to Additional Collector Customs Adjudication for hearing . Collector Customs Adjudication has 18 various cases of Rs.328.540 million available for trial.

Customs Adjudication is disposing all seizure cases promptly on merit to provide quick justice through transparent hearing.