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Moments that defined 2014 in Google searches

Moments that defined 2014 in Google searches

BRAZIL: The New Year is almost upon us, and that means that it’s time for Google’s quantified look back at the most searched people, trends, and events of 2014. Formerly referred to as “Zeitgeist,” the collection has been rebranded as the “Year in Search” this time around, and it offers great insight into how people around the world use the most popular search engine.

The top global trending search of 2014 was the story of Robin Williams’ death, followed by the World Cup and Ebola.

2014 vigorously venerated that Chinese blessing/curse, judging by the top Google searches around the world. Trillions of queries reflected the turbulence of the past year with tragedy (the suicide of Robin Williams), triumph (the German World Cup victory), and even a plague for good measure (Ebola).

Frozen topped all movie searches and Game of Thrones was TV’s king, while the most probed (and leaked) contrivance of the year was the iPhone 6, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 6 and Apple Watch. Flappy Bird was the most sought app (and was fifth overall, astoundingly) while the preeminent GIF was Mexico national football coach Miguel Herrera’s joyous World Cup celebration. If you optate more, and of course you do, check the top trends ecumenically and by country, along with Google’s Year in Search 2014 video below.