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Minecraft, 4J Studios release updated Xbox One & Xbox 360

Minecraft, 4J Studios release updated Xbox One & Xbox 360

TOKYO: Minecraft maker Mojang and developer 4J Studios unveiled the trailer for the next set of updates, which have been released. These only apply to Xbox One and Xbox 360 but it brings the games up to par with what is already available in the PC version.

4J Studios, which make versions of “Minecraft” for consoles, announced via Twitter that the Title Update 19 for both Xbox consoles had been released. The list of the additions was posted on a Minecraft forum and is the same for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

The update will bring horses, Withers and witches to the Xbox version of Minecraft. Also included in the update are new types of blocks and other items unavailable, until now, on the Xbox versions, including multicolored clay blocks, hoppers and droppers. There will also be new additional mobs and items related to the new mobs. For example, horse saddle for horses and nether stars, which appear after killing, Withers.

Though the updates are out for Xbox, they are not available yet for Playstation, at least in North America. 4J said on Twitter the updates had been rolled out for Europe, however.

In other “Minecraft” news, Mojang has teamed up with Telltale Games to develop a “Minecraft” story game, according to PC Magazine. Called “Minecraft: Story Mode,” the game would create a storyline for the story-less game that would released in series.

“Set in the world of Minecraft, the series will feature an original story, driven by player choice. It will not be an add-on for Minecraft, but rather a separate stand-alone product that will premiere in 2015 on consoles, computers and mobile devices,” said a statement by the developer.

Mojang said in a statement it is collaborating with Telltale to ensure the game stays true to Minecraft principles.

“We’re not intending on creating an “official” story for Steve, or explaining the world of Minecraft in detail. It will be a cool game,” they said.