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‘MCC Peshawar generates extraordinary duty collection in last few months’

‘MCC Peshawar generates extraordinary duty collection in last few months’

PESHAWAR: The Model Customs Collectorate of Customs House Peshawar has generated Rs9624.72million revenue from July to November in the current FY2017-18. This was stated by Collector Customs Gul Rahman at the MCC Peshawar while talking with Customs Today on Friday.

The MCC Peshawar has received a great deal of duty collection in the last few months of current FY.

The Customs House Peshawar will be further equipped in order to consolidate the mechanism by which tax net could be enlarged further according to the incorporated capacity bylaws of the Customs Acts, he further added.

The MCC Peshawar generated Rs3871.47million of Customs Duty with 31.97 percent growth compared to the progressive assigned targets and it has generated Rs2139.70million as Sale Tax from July to November of current FY2017-18 with 05.31 percent increase regarding the collection done in the progressive months.

In the same way, an amount of Rs2270.87million revenue was collected as With Holding Tax from July to November during the current FY2017-18 with 15.57 percent growth compared to progressive months’ collections done by the MMC Peshawar.

The MCC Peshawar collected an amount of Rs97.18million of Federal Excise Duty from 1st of July till 30th of November during the current FY2017-18.

According to a station-wise collection done by the MCC Peshawar, the Torkham Customs Station has contributed large part of Rs4240.53million net revenue from July to November of the current FY. The Dry Port Peshawar received a total of Rs2891million revenue in the last five months and Rs1227million done through the Bonded Ware House Peshawar.

An amount of Rs76.77million was collected by Airport and Rs726.55million done by Hazara Customs Station during the current FY17-18 from July to November. In the same way, the Gadoon Customs Station has generated Rs29.81million and Rs223.38million done by Kohat State Ware House from 1st of July up to 30th of November of current FY2017-18.

The Collector Customs has further said that new steps have been taken in order to plug the leakages of the revenue collection of Pakistan Customs at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.