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MCC Hyderabad collects Rs255.015m revenue during eight days of August
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MCC Hyderabad collects Rs255.015m revenue during eight days of August

HYDERABAD: The Model Customs Collectorate Hyderabad has received Rs255.015million revenue during eight days of August 2017-18.

According to details, Hyderabad and Sukkur divisions have generated Customs Duty of Rs32.005 million, Sales Tax of Rs213.626million, Special FED on Imports Rs1.250million and With Holding Tax of Rs8.134million during eight days of August 8, 2017-18.

The major tax sources include unit of Sukkur (OMC & Rima cooking oil) SWH, Sukkur Directorate Sukkur Dry Port, Hyderabad Bonded Warehouse BWHs, SWH State Warehouse, Export Hyderabad and KPR (Zero Point) Huffaz Seamless Pipe Industries, Crescent Steel, Omni Polymer Industries, and Pakistan State Oil.

The Model Customs Collectorate Hyderabad, Anti-Smuggling Organization, (ASO) also impounded Non-Duty-Paid vehicles including three oil tankers filled with110,000 liter of smuggled Iranian High Speed Diesel I (HSD), foreign origin Non-Duty-Paid smuggled cigarettes of different brands including Pine Light of Korea, Reds Virgin of England, foreign origin cloths and other contraband items. Computer sets, CPUs of Dell, hard discs, different GB DVDs, laptops and other goods worth million of rupees were also confiscated during the month of July 2017-18.

Under the supervision of Hyderabad Customs Collector Akhlaq Ahmad Khattaq, Additional Collector Rehmatulah Vistro, Deputy Collector Mushtaq Ali Shahni, Deputy Collector Dry Port Zam Zam Aman, Principal Appraiser Mashuq Ali Panhwar, Appraiser Ashir and Superintendent Statistical Revenue played an important role in revenue collection, officials said.

They added that the anti-smuggling campaign is in full swing in the region following the direction of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Collector Akhlaq Ahmad Khattaq in order to enhance the revenue generation.

It is necessary to mention here that Customs Collectorate Hyderabad is using all available resources to recover the outstanding dues from tax defaulters and also adopting necessary measures to generate more revenue to meet the collection target set for FY2017/18.

Apart from this, Additional Collector Rehmatulah Vistro told the representative that the team is active for aborting of special Iranian diesel’s trafficking and the team caught 1.1million liter of Iranian diesel in the month of July which include three oil tankers worth million of rupees.