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Major rivalry between Apple, Samsung firing up in Australia

Major rivalry between Apple, Samsung firing up in Australia

FRANCE: The massive tech company carries on its rule in the smartphone field due to brand loyalty. The Korean powerhouse, on the other hand, has its own battalion of users in Australia who all remain loyal to its products.

Australia is a country divided by politics, sports and even divided by smartphone brand loyalty. Based on the report from Deloitte, the major rivalry between Apple and Samsung is obviously firing up instead of slowing down. Younger Australian consumers appear to be the keenest among Apple fans but Google’s Android remains to be the more popular platform for smart devices.

The “Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2014” was participated by 2,000 Australian mobile phone users and was conducted just before the major launch of the iPhone 6. According to the survey, 38 percent of survey respondents say they owned an iPhone while 32 percent had a Samsung. Other respondents say that they had an HTC and others had Nokia which accounted for 7 percent each, while the remaining 16 percent had other brands.

According to Deloitte’s survey, Apple wins in terms of customers’ brand loyalty while Samsung follows in second. The survey revealed that 78 percent of Apple users will remain loyal and won’t switch brands, while 62 percent of Samsung owners expressed their support to the brand.

The people behind the survey said that the consumers are the ones who will really benefit from the strong rivalry between Apple and Samsung. They even added that it is expected that the two tech giants will continue with the innovation in devices, improvement of its respective operating systems and both companies are expected to work on greater connectivity with extended ecosystems.