Wednesday , January 16 2019
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Kuwait Expo 2018 will boost country’s economy

Kuwait Expo 2018 will boost country’s economy

KUWAIT CITY:  Kuwait Expo 2018 is a great opportunity to boost economic and commercial ties between Kuwait and the world, said Undersecretary of Foreign Trade Sector in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The expo held from February 6 to 10, will support development in the country and create further cooperation between the private and public sectors, Sheikh Namer Al-Sabah told KUNA on Monday. The expo will include an extraordinary session for membercountries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), where they can showcase and market their products, Sheikh Namer said. The event will also include a national expo involving small and medium-sized enterprises, he added. The expo aims to allow local companies to receive investment opportunities with international companies who have experience in the field, said the official. It will also include the “Maker Faire” which is an international exhibition, organized and hosted by Kuwait Investment Company for the second year in a row. The fair showcases different kinds of inventions, aimed for all ages.
Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti official said Monday that his country is fully ready to host the third edition of the Arab Water Conference due in May, where attendees will be discussing a range of water issues.