Saturday , January 20 2018
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Kuwait Customs detains teacher for smuggling thousands of drug pills

Kuwait Customs detains teacher for smuggling thousands of drug pills

KUWAIT CITY: The gang is constituted of 3 members who were arrested by Kuwaiti Customs, containing 2600 narcotic pills, one kilogram of crystal myth, a quarter kilo of hashish, two unlicensed weapons and 150 grams of cocaine. The gang was countered in a chase from Shuwaikh area to Sulaibiya.

The police mounted a security checkpoint after an undercover agent sealed a deal with the first suspect to purchase crystal meth. They noted the suspect raised doubts about the transaction while delivering the contraband, and he tried in vain to escape in his car. He is said to have sustained minor injuries in the chase by security operatives, as he exchanged gunshots with the officers. Upon arrest, the first suspect confessed trafficking in narcotics and named two accomplices during investigation saying they supplied the drugs. The other two suspects were nabbed them in possession of the aforementioned quantities of drugs and referred to concerned authorities.

In another incident, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department arrested a teacher with an unemployed expatriate in possession of 11,125 pills of illicit substance known in the market as ‘strawberry’ plus two bags of hashish. Security sources said the Director of Criminal Investigation Department Major General Mahmoud Al-Tabbakh received information that a teacher working in Ministry of Education and an unemployed expatriate bring drugs from Egypt to sell in the country, and after verifying the information, a secret agent approached the suspects to make a purchase. They were arrested while delivering the contraband.

The suspect admitted peddling in drugs with his partner in crime and said he hides drugs inside the central A/C compartment at his house. With permission from the Public Prosecution, the officers raided the house and confiscated the aforementioned drugs. The suspects were referred to concerned authorities.