Sunday , February 17 2019
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KP importers laud CJP for taking notice of misuse of Green Channel facility

KP importers laud CJP for taking notice of misuse of Green Channel facility

PESHAWAR: Importers based in Peshawar lauded Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar for taking notice against misuse of Green Channel facility through which various high value goods were being cleared by declaring as iron and steel scrap.

Owner of Muhammad Ali & Co, Chemical Importers & Exporters informed Customs Today that several importers including M/s Matsui Traders, M/s Diamond Metals, M/s G.M.B Steel Furnace, M/s Lahore Steel Mills, M/s Waqas Steel Furnace, M/s M.S Enterprises, M/s Fast Synthetic, M/s Malik Steel Re-Rolling Mills and M/s A.H & Co were found involved in mis-declaration.

Assistant Manager Sales at Freight Systems Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Akbar Khan said high-value and high-tariff goods were being cleared through Green Channel under the garb of low-value and low-tariff goods. Importers having objectionable record were given the status of green channel which is against true nature of securing trade policies. These importers as well as high-profile importers including corporate sector importers have indulged in abusing the facility which needs to be checked and investigated.

Importer further said that R&D section of MCC Port Qasim, Appraisement East had been assigned additional task of assessment, which is a full-time job. The R&D section is busy in assessment but did not focus on intelligence gathering, which opened up room for revenue evasion and corruption.

Likewise other Customs Ports, the Peshawar Dry port which has been working as the biggest port of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province but irregularities have been detected here by the govt on which National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started investigation.

According to details, importers joining hands with customs officers have cleared illegal consignments from Torkham Customs station to Afghanistan which has caused loss of billions to national exchequer. The importers demanded of the customs high ups to take strict action against corrupt officers as they not only defamed customs department but also caused precious loss to the exchequer.

The import of illegal goods on the other hand has made monopoly in the market due to quick availability and low prices due to which genuine importers are suffering heavy losses.

The importers demanded of the FBR to implement strict surveillance system in order to keep eye on the alien entry of NDP goods to the markets.