Thursday , June 21 2018
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Kabul municipality unveils first metro bus system

Kabul municipality unveils first metro bus system

KABUL: Kabul municipality on Thursday announced plans for the first phase of a metro bus system in the capital, the first major urban public transportation scheme in the country.

Abdullah Habibzai, the acting mayor of Kabul said the first phase of the metro bus system in Kabul will start from Sarai Shamali and run through to Baraki Square.

It will be completed within a year. Kabul will have 111 kilometers of metro bus system within the next three years, he said. He said that the bus system will help cut down on traffic in the nation’s most populated city.

“The first line of the metro bus system will be operational in 1397 (2018), this is the start of the work, we will start the second phase of the project at the end of the year,” said Habibzai.

Kabul municipality also signed an agreement for the construction of 285 kilometers in roads in Kabul with a private company.

Habibzai said government will ensure the electronic monitoring of the construction of the new roads in order to make sure that these roads are built properly.

“This would be the first time that we will electronically monitor the construction, everyone is able to see our website to assess the contracts and oversee the progress of the contract, the citizens are even able to monitor the contract on daily basis,” added Habibzai.Meanwhile, second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish has said that still many citizens in the country have no access to urban services.

He stressed the need for transparency in collecting revenue by Kabul municipality so as to improve services.

“With consideration of the extent of the city, population and activities, if the revenue of Kabul municipality is tackled effectively, this could be effective in curbing the problems,” said Danish.

Kabul municipality officials have said that the municipality is planning to establish a 610 kilometer road network in the city this year.

Danish said government plans to conduct municipal elections within one or two years – simultaneously with the country’s parliamentary and district council elections.