Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Kabul municipality blasted over incomplete road project

Kabul municipality blasted over incomplete road project

KABUL: Residents in Kabul’s PD4 on Wednesday blasted the Kabul Municipality for stopping the construction of Parwan-e-Sewom road only a month after its inauguration.

They also said that the construction of ditches and culverts alongside the road have been terminated.

However officials from Kabul municipality have pledged to resume work on the project within a week.

Motorists using the route and residents have said that the municipality has failed to implement the project on time.

“Roads are in a very condition in Sarai Shamali and Parwan areas, people and commuters face a lot of problems during the winter, government should focus on the issue,” said one driver Rahmatullah.

“One month ago, the government came and said that we are starting the work, but then they disappeared,” said another motorist Nematullah.

“These ditches are in the same condition for the past year while it is possible to finish it in one or two months,” said a resident of Parwan-e-Sewom Azizurrahman.

“The reason that physical work on the road has not been witnessed is that work is still in a preliminary phase; because it is a big project, there was some primary work which needed to be carried out first, including some testing and seeking a proper place for the construction materials including the placement of an asphalt factory and gravel,” said Abdul Jalil Sultani, Kabul Municipality spokesman.

The World Bank (WB) has pledged $8 million in aid to Afghanistan for the construction of Parwan-e-Sewom road connecting Kabul’s PD4 to Sarai Shamali in PD11 and Lesey Maryam in PD15.

Kabul municipality had pledged to complete the project in one year.