Sunday , January 21 2018
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Japan’s Zero Point Software releases Interstellar Marines

TOKYO: Zero Point Software has released the second co-op campaign map for their game, Interstellar Marines, thereby significantly expanding the co-op offerings of the game.

The new scenario tasks players with using stealth Gameplay as they face off against an unscripted AI; players need to infiltrate the heavily defended Starcrown Aerospace industrial-military base to retrieve vital research data.

Speaking about the new update, Zero Point Software said,

“Our first co-op campaign map propelled players into the Interstellar Marines universe. We want the Assault on Starcrown Aerospace mission to expand on that, grabbing players’ interest and immersing them ever more in their role as an Interstellar Marine.

“Starcrown is all about stealth – using your brain, not just your trigger finger – to secretly and surgically infiltrate an industrial research base. As an Interstellar Marine you do not know what the research is you’re after, but I can tell you it has profound implications for co-op missions we will release in the future”